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Modern Art - Studio 84

Studio 84 is based on a group of Munich artists, which have devoted themselve to abstract art.
Michael Radowitz, Heinz Felbermair and Eva Barz form a virtual community getting their reality through the exhibition within the i-net-gallery.

Michael Radowitz

Michael Radowitz has in his expressionistic art work the tendency to an abstraction of well-known scenaries in an unusual view ('Toscana impression', 'Rain forest', 'Satellite') and gives with his expressive colour compositions like in 'Toccata and fugue' a nearly audibly impuls to the abstract painting.

Heinz Felbermair

Heinz Felbermair places special emphasis on the abstract figurative ('M-7 97') and places the gracile dance-like figures as in 'M-205 99' with the irony of an ambiguous form of representation under a broaden context.

Eva Barz

Eva Barz describes the confuse-melancholic mind of people in an isolation that seems grotesque ('Untitled 4'). Also the sculptures suggest giving that topic serious thoughts, despite the composition seems to be funny at first glance ('Untitled 10').

Modern Art - Body landscapes

Edgar Piel

The access to the paintings of Edgar Piel is easy and difficult at the same time. Easy because most of his paintings pass on a clear motive to the observer. Sometimes you find a landscape or a still live - most paintings deal with figures and body constellations. Here and there you find hints on old religious motives. But the main target of his artistic work is not the reproduction or rediscovery of motives but their further development and intensification in the specific space of painting.

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