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Zbigniew Peter Muraszko

* 1973, Kentrzyn (Poland)


Zbigniew Peter Muraszko was born in 1973 in Kentrzyn, in a working-class family. In 1974 he became The Elblag’s citizen. From his early youth he has showed an interest in drawing.
After the vocational school completion he worked as an industrial mechanic. Then, in 1996 he emigrated to Germany. Over there his big painting adventure began.
It happened once, when he was tidying his basement and accidentally spilled paints. But instead of cleaning it up he mixed the paints. And suddenly he reminded all his drawings, sketches and scribbles from school notebooks. The paints took forms known from his mind.
He starts painting (1999). First oil, then acryl technique, which continues till now. During 3 years he has managed to make a great transformation both technically and spiritually. Meanwhile the public interest in his works starts growing, he goes out of his studio and achieves his first successes.


In his paintings he tries to recreate and perform moods, dark and bright sides of nowadays men. Also confused human personalities, weird attitudes and everyday issues sometimes so banal but in its triviality so interesting and worthy to be recorded according to the artist.

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